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Why MCQ Assessment are so Important?

A multiple-choice question is a question type where the students are asked to choose one or more items from a limited list of choices.

It's been proven that testing your knowledge immediately after learning a new concept can help improve your ability to recall the information at a later time. This is important if you want to ensure that your students are receiving lasting value from your courses.

Quiz will allow your students to test their knowledge throughout your course, while also providing you with the ability to export and review the results later!

TIP: Setting MCQ type assessment will ensure fast processing times and also there's no room for subjectivity Even you can ask more questions, it takes less time to complete a multiple-choice question compared to an open question

How It Works

Quiz lessons within EdisonOS allow you to create multiple-choice questions for your students. If you choose to, you can also include multiple correct answers within a single question.

Question types:

One answer - Allows the student to select one option as an answer.
One or more answers - Allows the student to select several correct answers.

We generally suggest including a quiz lesson at the end of a chapter, where it will test students on the key takeaways within that chapter.

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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