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How to Set the Drip Schedule ?

With Drip you can setup a Drip Schedule and unlock your course content when you need it to be available.

For example You only want students to complete one Section a week to help pace their learning. This can be achieved by applying a Drip Schedule to your classroom!

If a student attempts to access a block that is not released yet, they will see a prompt within the student classroom navigation indicating the date and estimated time the lesson will be available. The block has a blocked icon in the student classroom Navigation to indicate the block is not accessible yet.

How the Drip works

You can create a unique Drip Schedule per classroom, which will be applied to all students enrolled in that classroom. You have 3 options for how to release your content:

Student Enrollment Date
Student Classroom Start Date
On a Specific Date (i.e. Calendar Date)

How to Set a Drip Schedule by Enrollment Date?
How to Set a Drip Schedule by Classroom Start Date?
How to Set a Drip Schedule by Calendar Date or on a Specific Date?

Updated on: 06/06/2022

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