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What is Fill in the Blanks Assessment Type & How Can it be Helpful for your Learners?

There are lots of question format that can be used, one most prevalent is fill-in-the-blank-type. In EdisonOS, you can easily create a classroom and create Fill in the blanks question

A Fill in the Blank question contain a sentence , even sometimes a paragraph with a blank space. This space can be left out on purpose where a student provides the missing word, number , symbol or a phrase. Learners can be expected to know the exact word or phrase in order to get to the correct answer. Answers are scored if student answers match with the correct answers.

TIP: Use these questions to test the recall power of your learners or how much your learners have understood the concepts. Make sure that your learners should be able to derive the right answer from the sentence provided.

PRO TIP: As a content designer your fill in the blank question should consist only one correct answer or else you run the risk of confusing your learners and make the grading process more time consuming.Also it would be really great to make sure that your learners know exactly what is expected of them when answering your Fill in the Blank questions. You can do so by explaining the instructions at the beginning.

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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