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What is a Schedule?

Schedule is a name you can give for one or group of sessions. Its simply a reference for one or group of sessions.

Let's say, you have a separate batch for the working professionals and the other is for college students, then you can create separate Schedules for these distinguished batch of learners.

Schedule keep you free from the hassle of creating different set of classrooms for different batches. Yes, you can easily segregate these batches, all with the help of the Schedule feature inside a classroom. A schedule can be created by the name Working Professionals and the other by College Students.

All live sessions tied to the Working Professionals Schedule will be easily visible to Working Professionals and the sessions tied to the College Students Schedule will be visible to the College students.

Don't worry if you have 10 different batches, you don't need to go through a pain of creating 10 different classrooms for 10 different batches. All you need to Simply do is leveraging Schedules that help you create 10 different batches to save your time for a happy teaching :-)

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Updated on: 24/05/2023

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