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A guide for new users

Hello there! Welcome to Edison - an all-in-one platform offered by TeachEdison, an Edtech Company, - which will help you run your online education business under one roof! Sounds fancy, but honestly, Edison is basically a set of building blocks or you can choose to call them tools to create your dream online education business, empowering you to become sophisticated entrepreneurs sitting in any corner of the globe. These include things like:

Α true white-labelled platform to craft learning experiences your customers will love.

Launch your versatile teaching website and mobile app in your own brand.

Market and sell your courses with a full suite of business tools.

Track your leads and manage your contacts like a real business.

Edison intends to give all you need at a single go. Don’t trust us? Check out our exclusive products. You can get started with EDISON for FREE- Edison - SignUp With our clickable and doable software solutions, you can create a whole new world of delivering education online.

Let us help you understand more of what you get from us.

Classroom: Create pleasant learning paces for your students

Edison lets you conduct live classes or visual presentations white-labelled in your brand. Create content, deliver personal lessons or share any kind of deliverable content at ease with our classroom solutions.

Edison empowers you to organize your teaching-learning content and related activities in one place. You can easily create and upload videos and other learning materials such as quizzes, assessments, and other reference content with our helping tools. Simple content management features such as drag, drop and rearranging content gives you a seamless experience to automate and curate learning content like a pro and schedule classes accordingly.

Products: Sell all your creative content in a smart store

Edison’s dashboard presents you with a platform ‘Products’ to sell all your polished ideas as study resources on the go. Design, develop, customise and price your ideas in this smart store. Showcase all your digital courses designed exclusively for your students to maximize sales and generate great income.

Website and Pages: Manage online presence from a single window

Create, design and launch a whole customized business website all by yourself. We give you the canvas and paints to create a whole new world you intend to design for your students/customers.

Build your selling page with ease and educational products loaded without any previous experience. With our easy clickable tools, get creative and promote your academy on the best digital selling pages.

With Edison’s building blocks, build your professional and self-designed website with simple clicks. No limitations whatsoever. Just get creative and go fancy building your professional website including any number of pages such as homepage, sales page, products page, contact pages and many more.

Payments: Easy payments options with your terms and conditions

Not just you but we are equally serious about your business and its growth. Providing you with all comforts is our duty and Edison’s integrated payment solutions enable simple and seamless fee payment methods. One-time, recurring or easy instalments - all at your convenience. Decide your desired mode of payment and enable your students the ease of tapping and paying from anywhere, anytime.

Analytics: Smarter business moves with better data

We at Edison understand that business analytics at some time can be unnerving and challenging. All our analytical blocks have been designed and developed just for you to help make confident and wise decision making. Analysis, maintenance and business statistics everything managed on our all-in-one platform for better business performance. Reports, forecast, leads, conversions and what not! You name it and you have it!

Email: Augmented relationships made easy with customizable emails

Worry no more about individual email replies. Use our inbuilt email options for faster and easier email replies. Track your market growth, manage leads and strengthen business relations with Edison’s customizable emails, newsletters, and drip campaigns. Build more efficacy with new content updates and promotional emails to simplify customer relationships.

Automation: Unique experiences with unique techniques just for you

Get rid of conventional business practices and we are with you. Edison brings you coding-free business automation blocks to help you better optimize business performance with custom automation triggers. Automate and scale up on all essential business communication and business administrative tasks for effective time management, employee management and business management. Create personalized experiences without any extra effort for you and your team to ensure world-class learning experiences for your students.

CRM: Marketing, Sales and Support from one place.

Confused about where to start your Marketing Strategy from? Again we are here to relax your business branding challenges. Construct a pillar of marketing strategies just the way you need to promote your academy with a whole lot of business tools.

Plan, Launch, and Grow your business with our all-in-one solution offering platform. Forget all the multiple channel approaches to establish your marketing strategy. With Edison’s exclusive promotional tools, you will have friendly business listings and effective lead management and generation.

Miss no lead with our interactive CRM tool and track your potential conversions. Convert all the well-targeted leads in a short period of time with effective and lucid communications.

People and Contacts: Subscribers, prospects, enrolments all at one place

Miss no lead with our interactive CRM tool and track your potential conversions. Convert all the well-targeted leads in a short period of time with effective and lucid communications.

Let digitalization and technology be at your service to help solve all your business problems. Miss out no potential business lead. Tag, communicate and reach out to people based on their behaviour, manage personal notes, create and assign tasks all in one place. Use all these benefits in your marketing strategies, business automation, promotion and sales of your products.

Discussion and Communities: Whole digital activity under control with just a few clicks

Connections bring you more business. Connections help people spend more. Edison can help you establish a truly successful business by ensuring good customer connections. Now that you have built real connections within your community, let us help you maintain them with ease. Your community on your terms is quick, simple and manageable. Our Edison discussion blocks enable you to engage all your customers in meaningful conversations and impactful debates. Use of the discussion blocks helps you to drive greater engagement focussing on customer retention for longer times.

Mobile: Your digital products and community, anywhere

Desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, let students have the ease of uninterrupted learning. Edison’s mobile app gives deeper engagement, tracks your student’s learning and helps augment your connections on discussion boards.

We hope this quick overview was helpful. Most importantly, don't worry about not knowing everything you can do right away. We'll discover it together.

We’re really excited to have you onboard and can’t wait to help you get started. We’ve created this step-by-step guide to introduce you to our platform and walk you through our setup process.

If at any time you have questions or need help, simply drop us a line here.

Updated on: 23/06/2021

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