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How Do I Reschedule a Live Class?

With the Zoom integration in EdisonOS, you can set up and conduct live meetings as a single session, multiple sessions, ongoing sessions.

However, after scheduling a live event, there may be a time when you may need to postpone or prepone a live session.

Watch the video(English) that demonstrates how to reschedule a Live Class:

Watch the video(Hindi) that demonstrates how to reschedule a Live Class:

In this article, we’ll show you how to reschedule a live session:

Rescheduling a Scheduled Session

Go to the Classrooms tab from the left sidebar and select the Classroom for which you want to reschedule a live session.
Click Calendar and select the reschedule session icon for the session you want.
You can decide on the Start date you want the session to be rescheduled. Also you can change the Start & End time.
Once you confirm on new date and time , finally click on Continue to successfully reschedule the live session.

Note: Any Live Session can be reschedule before its start time. Beyond that, the session cannot be rescheduled.

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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