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What is a Product Category and Subcategory?

Understanding Category

A Category is an organizational tool to contain your Products under a similar heading. Product categories helps your academy to classify the courses into meaningful sub sections. So, with the help of categorization, your learners based on their area of interest can find the products easily .

For instance if you are teaching a course on Guitar for beginners, and you have Products that teach about Guitar techniques as well as the different kinds of Picks that learners can use, you could create Categories for "Techniques" and "Pick Types".

Learn How to Create a Category?

Categories will look like this in your Product Store:

Understanding Subcategory

Subcategories are secondary categories within a main category. These are a great way to further organize your Product Outline for your learners.

Learn How to create subcategories?

Subcategories will look similar to the animation below in your Product Store:

NoteYou can create end number of Categories & Subcategories

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Updated on: 29/09/2022

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