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What are Tags?

Tag is the name given to one or more group of people. They are more like labels or keywords that you can assign to your learners.

They help you identify groups of learners who share the similar characteristics. This comes in handy if you wish to communicate with them in a group or run a live session focused on them.

Think of Tags like categories assigned to learners. Do you want to conduct specific sessions for learners based on the progress they make? Do you want to run a Live session for learners of the similar learning characteristics? Tags make these things possible for you.

You may decide to guide a batch of learners who needs a hand-holding in their learning process. So you can impart bridge course in Mathematics to benefit the slow learners. In such a case, you can create a Tag by the name Bridge Course and assign the same to them.

When you Tag a learner to a specific batch, you create a link to their profile. This means that all the live sessions that come under that batch will now be visible to the learner.

Note: Your learners do not see their Tags

🧐 How it works
The Tag let learners to be a part of the live session. So the Tag first needs to be created by the admin and then added to the users profile.

🏗 How to set it up: Check this article on How to Create Tags & Use them in EdisonOS?

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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