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How can I Use Drag the Word?

EdisonOS presents tons of features that can take your content to the next level. And one among them is Drag The Word feature at a block level. And you can super easily create Drag The Words task for your learners.

You can watch this below Video(English) to learn how to use Drag the word block

Also you can take the help of this below Video(Hindi) to understand how you can use Draf the word Block

How to use Drag The Classroom** Tab and click the Classroom.

Click on Add Block and search for Drag The Word
Add a suitable Title to this block. To show you an example, we have Drag the word as the title.
Next You can then click on Save to confirm the title.
Next add a suitable Description.A detailed description for this assessment gives an idea and how it can help the learners achieve their learning goals.
Note:The text field is where you will type your exercise. Now inside the text box you will type your text and add an asterisk before and after the right words/phrases that you want to display as droppable. For the learner, the word/phrase between characters will appear as a blank inside the text and as a droppable item next to the text.
Write the sentence with the draggable word within Asterisk
Click on Add Text Box to add more text fields & inside the text box, again please proceed by following the same rule. You need to add your text and an asterisk before and after the right word.
Press the Save button when you are done!

Experiencing the Learner Side

Please click on the User profile from top right corner.
Click on My Library to go for the classroom.
Next go to the Classroom for which you want to find the Tables
Click the Start button and to view the table of contents. Click Drag the word content.

Congrats😊 !! You have successfully created drag the word block.

PRO TIP: Use Drag the Word to examine students recall of important ideas from the learning materials and help your learner to think through a text. As a content designer, it can be an excellent block to trainer learners on LANGUAGE.

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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