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What are Roles?

The EdisonOS platform has developed a new feature update called Roles.

Roles help you create and assign custom roles to individual users, enabling you to understand how each user contributes to your online institute.

You can either create a brand new role for every user or use existing roles; the choice is users. With roles, you can also limit the accessibility for every user and ensure that every user has the required permissions to navigate through your online institute. Now you can quickly identify your users and understand their responsibilities without the burden of maintaining separate records.

Note: Even if you give access to all platform specifications to your user’s role, the user does not become a super admin to your institute. Instead, they become sub-admins. Every institute can only have one super admin with multiple sub-admins. A super admin will have the same privileges and more than a sub-admin in the institute.

Updated on: 07/06/2022

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