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How to Create a Single Coupon in EdisonOS?

Offering discounted pricing is one of the most effective methods for promoting your online courses and increasing sales. Who doesn't love a bargain!

In this article, we’ll show you how to create single coupon code for your courses and bundles:

Product /Bundles Coupons

Navigate to the Products section and select Promotions(Coupons)
Next click Create Promotion.
Give a name to your Promotion. (We have given the promotion name as The Early Bird Sale)
Choose the fixed discount type (Fixed Discount on Products or Fixed Discount on Checkout)

Note: Each promotion you create has its discount configuration which determines the type and duration of the discount that the coupon applies, as well as which products and specific prices the discount applies to.

Choose the type of your promotion (Percentage % or Fixed $ amount) and fill in the value.
You can set an expiration Date(This means the customers can only access the coupon till a reasonable period).
Set promotion redemption Limit(This limit applies to the promotion alone. Any customer with access to the promotion will not be prevented from redeeming the promotion multiple times.)
You can even limit the number of products on checkout (This helps you to restrict the number of products the promotion would be applicable during the actual checkout)

Select Product(s) & Configure your coupon code

Toggle Add Products and choose which specific product bundles the discount can be applied to(Adding products to the promotion is optional.)
Now add a coupon code. To do that Toggle Coupon Codes
Enter your custom Coupon Code. Make sure your users copy the code exactly as it is.
Set eligibility for first-time orders only. (An incentive to try your product for the first time making it easier for you to get them in the door and win them).
Set the maximum number of times this coupon can be redeemed/ used. ( Decide the number of times that a coupon should be used for your promotion. The coupon limit should not exceed the promotion redemption limit.)
Set an expiration date for the coupon. (This determines how long a coupon will be valid after it has been redeemed by a customer)
Set a limit for the coupon code to specific customers. (Provide a special discount for your product to your existing customers for their loyalty)
Click Create Promotion

Check out how your learners redeem the coupon

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Updated on: 25/04/2022

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