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How to Find Client ID & Secret Key from Razorpay?

Key ID and API Key are used as security credentials for authenticating the user.

If you are an existing Razorpay user, use your existing API key to fire Razorpay APIs.

Watch the video(English) that demonstrates how you can find Client ID & Secret Key from Razorpay:

Watch the video(Hindi) that demonstrates how you can find Client ID & Secret Key from Razorpay:

Generate API Keys

Follow below mentioned steps to get Client Id, Live Secret Key from Razorpay :
Log into your Dashboard with appropriate credentials and verify that you’re in Live Mode.
Navigate to SettingsAPI KeysGenerate Key to generate key for the selected mode.
Test Mode The test mode is a simulation mode that you can use to test your integration flow. Your customers will not be able to make payments in this mode.

Live Mode When your integration is complete, switch to live mode and generate live mode API keys. Replace test mode keys with live mode keys in the integration to accept payments from customers. Follow this article to learn on how to switch to Live Mode
The Key Id and Key Secret appears on a pop-up page. Copy these keys and click on OK

Once generated, you will be able to see the Key Id, the generation date of the key and the expiry date for the API Key on screen.

It is advised to save your API Key & Key ID (Key Secret) by downloading them because Key ID will not be displayed again anywhere inside the Razorpay account.
If the API Key was not saved earlier, you can regenerate it by clicking on the Regenerate Live Key button under the API Keys tab, and the API Key and Key ID (Key Secret) will be displayed on a popup.
Do not share your API Key secret with anyone. This can pose security threats for your Razorpay account.
If you regenerate your API Keys, make sure to use the newly generated Key ID & API Key while integrating with your EdisonOS account.
Once you generate the API Keys, only the Key Id is visible on the Dashboard and not the Key secret as it can pose security threats for your Razorpay account.

If you have not activated your account in Razorpay, follow the steps below:

Go to and click on Sign Up at the top-right corner.

On the following page, enter the required details and click Sign Up.

Upon signing up, you will receive an activation link to your email address. Click on this link and log in to Razorpay.

Open the Activation tab at the bottom-left.

In the following screen, enter the Contact Info, Business Details, Your Bank Account Information, Business Documents such as ID proof, Business Registration proof and Company PAN and submit the form.

Once submitted, it will take 3-4 business days for verification.

Razorpay team will keep you posted on the status of your activation through email.

Once your account is approved, log in to Razorpay and switch your account from Test to Live Mode using the button at the top-right corner.

NoteWe try to keep the content updated all the time, but Razorpay or any third party providers will be updating the flows very frequently for various reasons.

So, if there are any changes to the actual flow of the Razorpay registration process and you require help, we recommend you to contact the Razorpay support team.

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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