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What is the Difference Between Single Coupon Code & Bulk Coupon Codes?

Learn the difference between single coupon codes and bulk coupon codes

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Coupons on EdisonOS

With EdisonOS, create coupons for your offers to:

Encourage new and repeat customers,
Reintroduce older offers to your audience.


Create coupons on EdisonOS with a single coupon code, bulk coupon code

Difference between Single Coupon Code & Bulk Coupon Codes?

Single Coupon codes allow you to create a coupon code with your branded language that anyone can use for your applied offer(s).

For example, create a summer promotion with the coupon code: MYOFFER55 to give 55% off to anyone that applies the coupon code, MYOFFER55 during checkout.

Bulk codes auto-generate your specified number of unique, one-of-a-kind codes to share with your audience. Each code created from the bulk code generator is a single-use code that can only be used for a single purchase.


Single coupon code

Create a single, custom coupon code to provide your customers with discounts for your offer(s).

With a Single Coupon configure the:

Coupon code - create a custom code to fit your business and promotion,
Discount type - the percentage or amount off (INR/USD) for the coupon's discount,
Redemption limit - the number of times the coupon code can be used for a customer subscription and/or multiple payments,
Valid Through - set an expiration date.

For example, if you want to give a 25% off discount for a Summer promotion, you can create a Single Coupon Code called Summer25 for specific offer(s) that can be applied by anyone with the coupon code.

Then, you can choose to set a duration to discount future payments.

And if you want the Coupon to expire after the conclusion of your Summer promotion, set the expiration date for the end of your Summer promotion.

This will ensure that the discount code cannot be applied to a new offer purchase after your specified expiration date.

To create a Single Coupon Code
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Bulk codes

Bulk Codes are great for special promotions or deals on your offers.

Just as with Single Coupon Codes, these Bulk Codes can be set up for either an amount or a percentage off.

However, instead of going through the process of creating 50 individual, single coupon codes, EdisonOS will auto-generate your specified number of unique, one-of-a-kind codes.

To create Bulk Coupon Codes:
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Updated on: 23/05/2022

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