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How to Create a Batch of Coupons in EdisonOS?

Bulk Coupons allow you to massively create multiple different coupons that could be allocated separately to your potential customers.
Check out How to Create a Single Coupon in EdisonOS? before proceeding with the below steps:

Set the Bulk Coupon code

Toggle Coupon Codes to add coupon codes at bulk.
Select the coupon Type as Bulk. (At this step you will create a large set of unique, random coupon codes all at once)
Decide the coupon code length you want to go for.
You may add a prefix and also the suffix for your bulk coupon.
(Code Prefix - the beginning part of the code. A coupon code prefix is used to begin each coupon code belonging to a single-use coupon series. A randomly generated code will be attached to this prefix)
(Code Suffix - the end part of the code. A randomly generated code will be attached to this suffix)

Note Prefix and suffix codes can contain only letters and numbers, and up to a maximum of 4 characters.

Set the Coupon Code Settings

Set eligibility for first-time orders only. (This offers people an incentive to try your product for the first time making it easier for you to get them in the door and win them).
Set the maximum number of times this coupon can be redeemed/ used. (decide the number of times that a coupon should be used to your promotion)
Set an expiration date for the coupon. (This determines how long a coupon will be valid after it has been redeemed by a customer.)
Set a limit for the coupon code to the specific customer. (provide a special discount for your product to your existing customers for their loyalty, then you can go ahead with this action.)
Click Create Promotion before proceeding forward.


It is very important to click on Create Promotion since this is the only step that finalizes the bulk coupon and stores it on your promotions list. Otherwise, your bulk coupon will be discarded and you will have to start the process from scratch.
You can create up to 50 Bulk Coupons per promotion.

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Updated on: 25/04/2022

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