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How can I Upload an Audio File to my Classroom?

Adding Audio to your Classroom is an entertaining and impactful way to engage with your learners, quickly informing them while giving your Online Classroom a discernible personality.

Watch the video(English) that demonstrates how to upload an Audio File to your Classroom

Watch the video(Hindi) that demonstrates how to upload an Audio File to your Classroom

Adding an Audio Block

Click on the Classrooms tab.
Next click the Classroom for which you want to add the Audio Block.
Click on the Add Block
Now in the search bar, search Audio. From the search, select Audio
Give a suitable Title to your block and click on the Save option
Now upload an audio file using the Upload option. Or you can even upload an audio by entering the Audio Url
Enter a caption and click on the the SAVE button.

Experience the learner side of the Audio Block

Click on the User. Then next click on Visit User Site
Click My Library.
Click the Classroom to check the Audio file as a learner.
Once inside the classroom, tap on the Start button that you will find on the bottom of your screen.
Click Audio from the table of content to experience the audio as a learner.

CONGRATS😊 !! You have successfully uploaded the Audio file. You can now start uploading more of them and benefit your learners' develop their analytical skills.

PRO TIP: Audio media content can be a game changer when used as an educational material to develop the knowledge, vocabulary and comprehension level of the learners (especially for language learning). You can take yourself a step ahead while adding a competitive edge against competitors who have not entered yet the audio content space yet in your niche.

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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