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Prepare Your Pre-Order Course for Launch

When you are getting ready to launch a course that is currently available for pre-order, we have a few recommendations to make this process seamless!

Create Your Launch Content

When your course is in a pre-order publish state, you can work on your content without worrying about students seeing it!

Preview Your Course

Before launching your course, make sure to preview your course as a student to ensure you are happy with all of your content!

Add a Drip Schedule (Optional)

If you would like your lessons to be released on a specific schedule, you can consider adding a Drip Schedule to your course!

Course Launch

You are finally ready to launch, congrats! On launch day, make sure to:
Make sure your course is not set to draft
Update your Product pricing if you previously offered early-bird pricing.
Publish your course.
Reach out to your students to let them know the course is available!

And that's it! Your students will now have access to all of your content.

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Updated on: 02/08/2022

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