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How To Set Up Microsoft Clarity & Integrate With EdisonOS?

Microsoft Clarity is a great, new and free tool from Microsoft’s digital ad suite of tools to better visualize website analytics. Similar to Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity provides a more visually engaging view of website performance.

Get started using Microsoft Clarity

Getting Started: Simply navigate to Microsoft Clarity’s website. From here, you’ll begin the setup by clicking on “Getting Started”.
Note: Clarity allows you to sign up with various account options – either using a Microsoft, Facebook or Google account. If you do not have any of these, Clarity will allow you to create a new Microsoft account to begin the process.

Creating a Project: The second step of Microsoft Clarity is to set up your Project (this is similar to a Google Analytics Account or Property). You just need to complete three simple fields here, which include: Project Name (something memorable), Project URL (include the domain name without any http:// or https:// and if you’re copy/pasting your URL just remember to drop the / at the end of the URL – www. Is optional), Select the field that most closely matches your industry (these are limited so you may be forced to use “Other”)

Implementing The Pixel:Once the first 2 steps are completed, the final item you’ll need to do is to set up the Microsoft Clarity Pixel on your website.

After Microsoft Clarity Setup:
After setting up Microsoft Clarity, you’ll have to wait a day or more to get enough traffic through and then the fun begins! Get ready for visual heatmaps and to dive into single-user visits to the website. It also comes with a host of new terms and tracking metrics that provide a new level of insight into understanding user experience.

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Updated on: 18/06/2022

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