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How to Create a Pre-Order Course ?

Looking to pre-sell a course? Make your course available for pre-order to allow students to buy your course without accessing any content just yet!

About This Feature

EdisonOS has a unique state called draft that gives you the option to sell your course without allowing students to access your course content. Then when you are ready to launch your course, you can simply then publish the full version to give students access to your content!

Check out here how you can publish the course from draft mode.

This is a great way to validate the demand for your online course before investing resources into creating all of the content. It also works well for courses that you are currently working on and want display as coming soon!


How It Works

Once a course has been set to draft , the following will apply:

Students can purchase your course
Students cannot access any of your course content
Once student enrolls, students will see the classroom indicating Coming soon instead of Start Course. They won't be able to view the classroom content until you publish the classroom.

The draft state can be changed at anytime. You can publish the full version of your course to give students access to your content when you are ready with the content or unpublish if you no longer want to sell the course to the learners after a certain time period.

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Updated on: 02/08/2022

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