Understanding Assessment Settings and Test Section Settings.

You can customize an Assessment's settings when it is first created or you can edit these setting later by clicking on Settings from inside an Assessment.
You can also customise independent section settings with names, descriptions and instructions. Other settings under test sections include timing and access to several tools like annotation, calculator and reference sheet.

Assessment Settings

Under assessments in the assessments panel, when you click “Create Assessment”, it will take you to a screen where you can set and customize the assessment
Assign the assessment a name to be able to distinguish it uniquely
You can upload an image and add a thumbnail
The description box enables you to provide a detailed description for your learners to understand the intent of your assessment (scroll below to see how this looks on the learner's side)
The instructions box enables you to list out instructions for your learners to follow during the assessment. Additionally, you can provide a short description as well.
If you are a SAT or PSAT trainer then you can pick a weighted average setting in the scaled score configuration field or simply leave it as no scaled score
Assessment configuration allows you to show or hide an assessment summary from learners at the end of their attempt
Assessment Resuming: Enabling this button allows the learners to resume an incomplete assessment.

Learner’s Side

Descriptions show up under 'Help' (top right) in the student's Assessment view.
Instructions set in the Assessment settings show up at the start of a test, while test section instructions show up under directions at the start of a test section.

Learner's View: Instructions

Learner's View: Resume Test

Learner's View: Summary Page

Watch a quick walkthrough below!

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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