How to use the Public URL feature to give learners access to an Assessment?

While creating an assessment, if you would like to give access to it via a public URL, you can do so by enabling the public assessment button under assessment details after you click “Create Assessment”. In an already existing assessment, you can edit this setting by going to settings under Builder and enabling public assessment. Click Update Assessment to save the edited setting.

Once you have enabled this setting you can choose how to redirect the learner post an assessment attempt.

Thank you page: Use this page to write a message that a learner will see after his/her attempt. You can write your message in the “thank you” page message field that appears below learner redirection.
Summary page: This leads the learner to a detailed summary and analytics of his/her performance.
Public summary page: This leads the learner to a quick view and results at a glance. This allows you the opportunity for the learner to sign up on your platform for a more complete and detailed summary of the attempt.
Redirect to: Using this setting you can provide a URL where learners should be redirected after completing this assessment.

Finally, you can copy the public assessment URL to share with your students.

Using Public URL to give students access to an Assessment

Watch this video for a walkthrough of this process!

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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