How to Use the Pie Chart?

Pie charts are one of the most widely used data visualization types. They can quickly show the proportion of each category in relation to the whole and make it easy to compare the size of different parts.

To utilize a pie chart in your online course, you can follow these steps:

Go to the classrooms tab and select the classroom in which you want to use the Pie Chart.
Click add Block and search for the Chart block. Select it.
Give the chart a suitable title, and also provide a title for the block. Keep the block type set to Pie chart
Enter the proper labels and values for the chart. You can also set the color of the chart from the color option.
Click click here to add items to add more labels and values, and then click "save" once you are done.

Read this Blog to know more about the Pie chart and other interactive content types.

To experience the learner side, follow these steps:

Click on the user profile from the top right corner and click visit user site
Click on My Library to access the classrooms.
Select the classroom in which you want to view the Pie Chart.
Click the Start button, then navigate to the table of contents and click on the Pie Chart content.

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Updated on: 18/01/2023

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