How to upload recorded live classes in Edison?

Classroom recording entitles the teacher to record while giving live online classes.

It helps in promoting quality learning and makes the process of learning easy. This feature allows your students who have missed out on a live session to view the class from the platform later on when needed.

Lets help you to understand how the recorded live classes can be fetched :

STEP 1: Please click on the CLASSROOM tab

STEP 2: Next click on the classroom for which you want to do the LIVE CLASS RECORDING

STEP 3: Now click on the SCHEDULE tab

STEP 4: You need to click on the START MEETING button.

STEP 5: Next is to click on the JOIN MEETING button to begin any scheduled live class

NOTE: The live class recording feature works only for Zoom pro ,In case you have not integrated zoom account with EdisonOS, please find the help guide **here**

STEP 6: Click on the LAUNCH MEETING button

Now you can continue with your Live class

STEP 7: Once you are done with the meeting click on the END button

STEP 8: And then click on END MEETING FOR ALL button

STEP 9: Please click on the ARROW as shown in the image below

STEP 10 Next go and click on the VIEW DETAILS

STEP 11: Now tap on the RECORDING to fetch and view the recording

STEP 12: Please click on the LIVE CLASS RECORDING

You can see the recording of your live class is appearing under the recording tab.

NOTE: You do not have to worry about downloading and uploading recorded live classes while the platform does it for you at a click of a button.

Also you can manually upload any recorded live class video using UPLOAD RECORDING button. Browse your recorded lecture files from the system and upload them easily to your classroom

You can experience the recorded live class from the learner side by following the below steps:

Click on the ADMIN USER that you see on the top right

Next click on the VISIT USER SITE

Please click on the classroom on which the recorded live class has been uploaded

Once inside the classroom, click the MEET tab

Now please click the arrow as represented in the below snapshot

Next click on the VIEW DETAILS

Finally click on the recorded video to expand it and view.

As a learner, you can experience the recorded live class.

so now help your students by making live class recording available to the ones who could not attend the lecture.

Hope you this article has helped you with its steps to understand in uploading recorded live classes in the Edison Platform

Updated on: 28/12/2021

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