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How to Upload an Image to My Classroom ?

Images are a perfect way to visualize information, such as drawings, pictures, graphs to captivate visitors, and attract them to your educational content.

Tip: Pictures are easy for kids to remember so using images can help set a tone to your content, showing what your learning material has to offer.

This brief English video outlines the process. For details about 'How to Upload an Image to My Classroom ?', watch the video below:

This brief Hindi video outlines the process. For details about 'How to Upload an Image to My Classroom?', watch the video below:

How to Upload an Image?

Click the Classroom tab from the sidebar and select the Classroom for which you want to add pictures
Once inside the classroom, click on Add Block
Now search for the Image Block in the search bar, Once the Image Block appears, click on it.
Set a suitable Title to the Image Block
Click on Upload Image to add an Image Content. You can upload JPEG, PNG files.
Customize the Width of the Image within the Block by entering a value (e.g., 10px or 10) into the Image Width field:
Click on the Save button.

Experiencing the Learner Side

Please click on the User profile from top right corner.
Click on My Library to go for the classroom.
Next go to the Classroom for which you want to find the Image block
Click the Start button to view the table of contents. Click Image block to view the uploaded Image.

Pro Tip: Kids love playing games! Using visuals along with words makes any activity much more enjoyable. Teaching with images can also help develop students' visual literacy skills, which contributes to their overall critical thinking skills and lifelong learning.

A study shows us that, after 72 hours, you can expect people to remember 10% if you just speak. Add supporting images and you can see that number increase up to 65%.

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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