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How to Set the Long Answer Question?

Long answer (LA) questions require students to write detailed answers in response to open-ended questions.

Tip: You can empower learners to respond in multiple sentences, paragraph answers or calculations in the long answer block.

This video in English will guide you step by step in using the Long Answer Block

Also this Video in Hindi can take you through the steps and you can learn the way to use the Long Answer Block easily.

How to set the Long Answer question?

First click on the Classroom tab & then click the Classroom for which you want to set the Long Answer question type.
Next click on Add Block
Now search for Long Answer and click Long Answer Block
Give a suitable Page Title and next click on the Save button.
Add a Block Title and write the Instructions for the Long Answer Question Type
Note: In the Instructions, you can provide guidelines about how you want the learners to approach the question. You can also use the space to communicate your expectations in the answer.
Set the Question to the block for your learners to answer. Next click the Save button

Experiencing the Learner Side

Please click on the User profile from top right corner.
Click on My Library to go for the classroom.
Next go to the Classroom for which you want to find the Long Answer Type
Click the Start button and to view the table of contents. Click Long Answer Type content.

Congrats !!! You have successfully created a Long Answer Question Type for your students.

Pro Tip : You can also use the Long Answer block to test the high order thinking skills of learners and understand if they can compose an answer in their own words.You can also use Instructions tab to describe the - word limits, best practices, scoring methodology etc.

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Updated on: 28/09/2022

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