How to restrict the access limit for my learners of a classroom?

You can limit the access period for your classrooms. Any classroom given to a learner as ‘Full Access without Product’ can have a set number of days within which the learner has to finish the course.

Choosing FULL ACCESS WITHOUT PRODUCT means the user has access to only those classrooms that the admin is enrolling them to.

You can set up the access period in days or with an expiration date. The learner can view the courses that are in progress, completed or expired from their dashboard. (But remember, the default access period is 100 years)

We care to help you and this guide surely will help you to restrict the access limit for the classroom :

STEP 1: So first things first, you need to tap on the CLASSROOM

STEP 2: Click on the classroom you want to restrict the number of access days .

STEP 3: Next, please click on the USERS

STEP 4: Click on the ENROLL button

STEP 5: Select the profile to enrol an user


STEP 7: Next you need to click on SET ACCESS DAYS

STEP 8: In this step please choose either to restrict in days or date. We have selected access period in days.

STEP 9: Finally click on the ENROLL USER tab to confirm the restriction on the classroom access for a learner.

You can see below the access has been restricted till 8 days for the user to the classroom.

Note: If you wish to grant an extension for a particular learner, you can always change their access period personally in Classroom User settings.

Updated on: 23/10/2021

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