How to Remove a Tag from a User?

Removal of a Tag from a learner can be done when you don't want the learner to be a part of the Live sessions from the specific batch. The moment you do it, all the live sessions under the schedule will not be visible to the learner anymore.

For an instance, You have a learner X who has a tag name Trial Learner and the learner is a part of Schedule A which can only identify the learners by the tag name Trial Learner to attend live sessions . Now removing the Trial Learner tag name from the learner X, the learner will not be a part of any of the live lessons from Schedule A anymore.

If you remove a tag from a learner, you can head over to the below steps:

To remove a tag from user:

Open the Users tab
Click on the Add Tag next to the name of the user.
Click the remove icon to the right of the Tag name.

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Updated on: 29/09/2022

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