How to organise my questions in the Question Bank using Folders and Tags?

You can organise questions in several ways on the EdisonOS platform. You should essentially begin by creating folders in the Question Bank. Although you could begin by creating a question directly in an assessment. This question would reflect in the question bank without a folder and would be difficult to track later on. So it is important to start with adding new folders to the Question Bank.

Adding Folders to the Question Bank with Tags

Sign in to EdisonOS using your configured email and password
From the Dashboard, click on Assessments.
In the menu under Assessments click on Question Bank
Click on Create Folder, highlighted in blue, to create a new folder.
Be sure to add a Title as well as +Add Tags in order to oragnise your questions according to domain and skill as well as with a unique folder name.

How to Create a Folder with Tags

Adding tags to Questions

To understand how to +Add Tags to questions refer to this article here. It will give you an indepth understanding of how to creat a tag list in the Assessments folder and then map them to tags created for each question.

Organising Folders in the Question Bank

If you have created a Tag list in the Assessment Tags folder, that contain various levels of domains and skills then you can now organise questions in a folder with tags and subtags.
It’s also important to Title each folder and add an appropriate Description that further helps you group questions.
You can individually Edit or +Add Tags to a question and/or a folder.
Use the Question Difficulty feature to further group questions.

How Folder and Question Tags appear

PRO TIP: Organizing questions into folders with clear titles, relevant tags, and descriptive content enhances your ability to conduct efficient searches and facilitates the selection process. This method serves as the simplest approach to classify and categorize questions, enabling seamless reuse and accessibility across the platform for future reference and repeated use.

Classification of Questions Based on Difficulty Level

Each question can be classified as being of a particular difficulty, from "Very Easy" to "Very Hard."
Apart from "very easy," "easy," "medium," "hard," and "very hard," a question can also be set to "no difficulty."

How to mark and view a question's difficulty level

Understanding How to use Tags to select questions in an Assessment while creating Adaptive Tests.

The Random and Adaptive type tests use tags in the rule engine while forming a condition for selection of questions.
You can choose a Folder Name, Folder tag or even Question Tag while using forming an Adaptive or Random assessment.

Selecting Random or Adaptive test type

Using Folder Names in Rule Engine

Using Folder Tags in Rule Engine

Using Question Tags in Rule Engine

Watch the video below for a detailed walkthrough!

Want to find out more about EdisonOS' Assessments Rule Engine? Read this article here.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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