How to Limit Product Sign-ups for My Existing Product ?

Limiting how many people can buy a product helps motivate purchases.

Limiting Product Sign-Ups

To get started, head over to the Products tab.
Click the desired Product you'd like to limit sign-ups for.
Head over to the Additional Details and check the box that says Limit Purchase Quantity. Set the maximum number of sign-ups for this particular product.
Set the Quantity Limit and give a suitable Out-of-Stock description
Once you are done, Click Update Product


How does it impact my customers?

After a product sign-up limit is set, customers will be able to sign up for your product until the limit you set is hit.

What happens to my product once the sign-up limit is reached?

Once your sign-up limit is hit, the product will look like it is sold out on your site. This means any buy buttons will be disabled and customers will also see a"0 left" tag above the product name.

What if I want to increase the sign-up limit for my product?

You can absolutely do that! Just repeat the same process and adjust the number in there.

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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