How to Issue a Certificate to your Learners?

Once you have created and customized your certificate, these certificates can be emailed to your learners !

Haven't created a certificate yet? Make sure to check out: EdisonOS certificates

How to Issue a Certificate to your Learners in Bulk?

You can issue certificates in single ,also you can assign it using the Bulk operation..

Here's how to Bulk Issue Certificates

Go to Certificate Builder and locate your Certificate from the list from the Certificate builder tab.
click on three dots to tap Issue Certificates from the drop down menu.
You can issue using the Single option to generate certificate individually to learners or use the Bulk operation of issuing certificates to your learners.
If you are issuing certificates individually fill in the learner details with their name and email id.
Note: Incase you want to go for Bulk Operations then you can do so by using the CSV uploader option. Maximum of 25 certificates can be issued in one go with the CSV upload. If you have to issue certificates to 100 learners , then you can do a 4 time CSV upload. Its easy and pretty simple.
Finally click on Issue Certificate to issue certificate to the learners' email address.

Here's how to generate certificates individually

Below animated video shows how you can issue certificates individually

Here's how learners will view the issued certificate

Check out below how learners can view and download the certificate that has been issued to them.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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