How to Integrate Zoom with your Institute to Conduct Live Classes?

Zoom became the ready to go tool to guide different types of interactive activities, especially for online education.

Zoom will keep your class going.

So to integrate Zoom with your Online school , you would need these things:

JWT credentials
With JWT credentials access, getting the API keys.

Make sure you have a Licensed Zoom account to access to JWT credentials. If you have one, lets then dive into this help article:

How to connect your Zoom Account

Go to SettingsZOOMAdd Key

Now to fill the other fields for the zoom integration, you need Zoom API keys.

Navigate to the Zoom Marketplace and Sign in with your ZOOM account details.

Once signed in, Click DevelopBuild App from the drop down.

Click Create for JWT → Fill the App Name .It can be your academy name or any name of your choice.

Fill the basic InformationCompany NameDeveloper Contact Information.

Next click App Credentials . You must have landed on the Feature option. Again Click Continue to proceed to experience the activation of the JWT app.

Learn How to collect the API keys for Zoom integration

Click APP credentials and copy the JWT key as shown by the below gif.

Go to Online School→ enter the Host Name → Paste the copied API key on the JWT Key field.
Come back to the ZOOM API credentials to copy the JWT secret.
Go to Online Institute → Paste the copied JWT secret on the JWT secret field.
Finally click Add Account

Hurray! Now you can start conducting ZOOM Live sessions from your Online School to deliver lectures which are easy accessible by your learners.

Updated on: 07/06/2022

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