How To Hide My Store ?

If you’re an institute wanting to share courses only to your institute students then the best option would be to disable your store entirely from the platform where products purchase, cart page, checkout page, none will be accessible. The store page as a whole will not be accessible.

You can achieve this easily with EdisonOS, where you can hide your store from the public eye

How to Disable/Enable Product Purchase?

Click the Settings tab.
Next click Purchase Settings.
Scroll to find Store Settings and now you can turn on the Disable Product Purchase
Finally click on Update Purchase Settings

Experience the Learners' side

Click on your Profile from the top right
Next click Visit User Site
Go to Store and click Buy now for any published Product. As a learner you can experience that you cannot make the purchase.

This configuration keeps the public unaware of what products and courses you have in store. The disable feature makes it easier to revamp your courses and gives you the opportunity to choose whether or not to showcase your products to others.

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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