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How to enrol users in Bulk?

You will like to make user enrollment in bulk at times

This video will guide you in the bulk upload of users:
will guide you to enrol users in Bulk:

You can also follow the steps mentioned below to enrol users in Bulk:


First, you will be needed to click on the ARROW as indicated in the below screenshot.


You will see a list of options appearing. From that, please go to the option that says EDIT.


Next please click on the USERS tab which is located next to the settings tab.


You will now see BULK ENROLL appearing on the screen. Please click on the BULK ENROLL.


Next please click on UPLOAD CSV to upload your Bulk Enrol CSV template to fill bulk users directly without manual intervention or manual typing.

Your CSV TEMPLATE would look like this

STEP 6: After clicking on ENROLL USERS, the USER will be successfully enrolled.

STEP 7: After you enrol any user, that concerned user will receive an email to verify. The email would look like this:

STEP 8: That concerned USER will have to click the VERIFICATION LINK to verify his/her email to get an ACCESS as a USER.

STEP 9: Now, the USER has to set a PASSWORD to get access to the classroom.

STEP 10: Finally, you can see the USER has got an ACCESS to the classroom.

Updated on: 04/09/2021

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