How to Duplicate/Clone a Course ?

Cloning a course is a very handy way of re-using and re-purposing your content. You may want to create a premium version of a course (with additional content or including an extra one-on-one session with the instructor). The following steps will guide you in searching for a course using the Course Manager.

How to Duplicate a Course?

If you need to make a copy of your course, this is a quick and easy action from your Classrooms Page.

Navigate to Classrooms and click on the Copy Type.
Deep Clone: If you select Deep Clone Type then the changes in one classroom will not affect the other classroom.
Mirror Mode: f you select Deep Clone Type then the changes in one classroom will affect the other classroom.
Click Duplicate Classroom.

The clone classroom is the classroom that gets created, and the changes you make in the clone classroom will not be having any affect on the original classroom you created earlier.
The major benefit of creating a clone classroom is that it saves your time, and in just a few seconds, you can create the same classroom without any need to create one more manually.

‘MIRROR’ classroom simply means the same classroom you are expecting to create will get created and the changes you make in one classroom has an immediate affect on the other classroom as well.

If you are making a duplicate of a course you have already duplicated, make sure to rename the course before trying to duplicate it again.

After the duplication, the new course will be in Draft mode, so you can navigate to the Course's Access and change its status as you wish.
The newly cloned course will not have any users enrolled in it; however, all of the videos added to the original course will also be cloned.

Updated on: 08/11/2022

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