How to create a Standard Assessment section?

This type of assessment section is best used when you would like to present multiple learners with the same question set in assessment or for repeated testing on the same set of questions.

Creating your Standard Assessment section
Click “create section” and choose standard fill out and customize settings for a name, description, and instructions.
Under section tool configuration, you can allow learners access to an annotation tool, calculator or reference sheet.
Under section time configuration you can set a timer for the assessment.
Click “Create Section” at the end of the screen to save these settings.

Creating a Standard Assessment section

Once you have created this standard assessment section you will see it featured in the assessment builder
Click “add question” to either create your own question or browse questions according to folder, folder tags, question type, question tags, and even your difficulty level.
Add or create as many questions as required.

Using the Browse Question Feature in the Standard Section

The Learner’s Side View

The learner is met with a seamless experience that does not distinguish between any kind of customizations made by the trainer.

Learner's View: Standard Section of an Assessment

Learner's View: Standard Section Summary Report

Watch a quick walkthrough below.

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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