How to Create a Certificate With a Custom Background?

If you prefer to use a custom design for your certificate, no problem! You can upload a background image directly to your certificate.

Also check out our tips on using custom background images here!

Go to Certificate Builder from the left sidebar.
Click on Create Certificate on the top right.
Under Name, input a name for your certificate. This is for your reference only, it will not be displayed to students.
Select the Build tab to customize text, font, padding and colour included. Also certificate Builder will help you to upload your custom background image, add background colour from the robust list.
Once done, click Save on the top right..

Congrats! You have created your certificate and you are now ready to assign the certificate to your learners

Important Considerations
Changes are not applied until you click Save on the top right when creating a certificate.
Making changes to a certificate template will not affect previously generated certificates.
Certificates are in English by default; if you need to change the language of your certificate, you can customize the text within each certificate to your desired language.
We have an option to manually generate certificates; certificates are not automatically issued on successful completion of a course.

This is the first version of EdisonOS Certificates. We’re still working behind the scenes on improvements and would love any feedback on what functionality would be most valuable to you. Please reach out if you have any feedback to share!

Updated on: 30/01/2023

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