How to Apply Basic Brand Theming?

A theme communicates brand personality and attributes more effectively than the standard ‘photo, panel of colour and logo’ approach. It generates a stronger affinity with your brand.

Our motive is to ensure that your brand looks more personalized and this feature update is just apt for it. You can now design your buttons and hyperlinks, on the learner view of the platform, to your primary brand colour.

How to Apply Basic Brand Theming

Click the Settings tab and next click on Branding
Choose the Site Theme to choose the navigation button or link colour,
To proceed, click on Anchor and select colour.
Next you need to tap on the Button to change colour
click on Save to confirm design of buttons and hyperlinks.

From the Learner's Perspective

Click on top right Admin User Profile & next click Visit User Site
You can see the Anchor colour has been turned to Green. Also the button colour has been changed to Purple

Note We use Hex code for color picking.

Updated on: 03/05/2022

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