How to allow /enable Preview?

A preview for a product is a good way to use a marketing strategy to increase buyer reach if you are really confident about the quality of the product you create. Specific learning block can be previewed by the learner inside the classroom to make a valuable purchase . If Your Product is really good, it should sell Itself, but the preview feature makes it easier for you to reach there.


The preview feature lets the learner watch the preview of the learning content before making a real purchase. In short, a live preview of learning content gives your products the edge - It increases conversion rates. and provides a better customer experience.

You can also follow these steps mentioned below to enable PREVIEW for your Content:

STEP 1: Click the classroom.

STEP 2: Click on any of the classrooms.

STEP 3: You need to then click on the tripple dots as shown below:


You can see the preview for the content

Similarly, you will follow the same process for the other created blocks which you want to MAKE AS PREVIEW for your learners.

STEP 5: Please click on the CREATE

STEP 6: Next click on the PRODUCT

STEP 7: Now Create a suitable PRODUCT TITLE

Product title can be your chapter name which you are going to cover.

STEP 8: Create a suitable INTERNAL TITLE

The internal title is for internal reference.

STEP 9: Now, please create a SHORT DESCRIPTION

A short description tells you to add a short and precise content you are going to cover.

STEP 10: Create a suitable DESCRIPTION

You can now update SEO Tags even at a product level. It is very useful when you are looking to reap long-term benefits out of your SEO efforts.

STEP 11: Give suitable PRODUCT SEO DETAILS as shown below

STEP 12: Once given suitable product Seo Details, upload a picture here for PRODUCT SEO

Adding a picture to the Product SEO would mean the image will be picked by FACEBOOK, TWITTER etc. while sharing.

STEP 13: Now you will need to search and link the PRODUCT CATEGORIES.

Dont worry! If you have not categorise PRODUCT then here how you can do it taking the help of this article

Wonderful that you have categorise products and tagged them.

STEP 14: Create a standard Call -To- Action Text.

STEP 15: Click on the ALLOW PREVIEW

STEP 16: Pick and tag your desired classrooms to the product

NOTE : Without classroom creation, you will not be able to create a product. But not a worry ! If you want to really know how to create a classroom, this article can guide you in creating one.

AWESOME! You have created classrooms and also tagged them to the product.

STEP 17: Now click on the Edit option under Pricing to set the pricing for the product

STEP 18: Choose the desired currency from the list of options,

STEP 19: Choose the required payment gateway.

NOTE: Razorpay gateway supports INR currency only by default. Please obtain approvals from Razorpay for additional currency support.

STEP 20: Set the PRICING for the product.

You can now discount on the listed price. It is useful when you want to promote conversion based on impulse behavior

STEP 21: Tag the discount on the listed price here

Who doesn’t love discounts? Discounts are the best way to lure a customer in, it’s the universal truth. You can now provide a discount to your users on the listed price and trust us, it’s the best way to promote conversion based on impulsive behavior.

STEP 22: Now tap to confirm on UPDATE PRICING.

STEP 23: Create the Product Slug.

A slug (Yes, we have a thing for fancy technical terms!) is the piece of the URL that identifies the specific website page you’re on. Simply put, it’s the part of the URL that explains the page’s content. Yes! You can now define your custom URLs for your products. This feature is particularly useful for your SEO.

STEP 24: If you want to limit the number of products, click as shown below

STEP 25: Select the number of quantity to limit for the product.

STEP 26: Click on the PUBLISH option

STEP 27: Finally to create the product, confirm by clicking on the CREATE PRODUCT or UPDATE PRODUCT.

After you have created the Product, you can see as it appears:

STEP 28: Now click on the VISIT USER SITE to experience the product from the learners angle

STEP 29: Click on the STORE option to view the created product

STEP 30: Now you can click on the BUY NOW option and get an understanding how the students can purchase your product.

Once clicked on BUY NOW , you can find the discounted price of the product appearing in the screen. Product price at discount will evoke a sense of urgency in students to take the course before an offer runs out of hand.

Scrolling down you will find the tagged classrooms to the product.

If you have put your content on preview and before someone tries to buy your product, they will be in a position to preview the contents of the tagged classrooms and then make a valuable purchase.

STEP 31: Click on the PREVIEW

The preview of the content can be seen as a learner.

Updated on: 23/10/2021

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