How to add Users to an Assessment?

If a student already has an account, you can use the 'Enroll User' feature to find the student and add him/her to an assessment. You can also edit the number of attempts allowed to a student. Another way to add users to an Assessment is by using the "Bulk Enroll" feature.

Start in the assessments panel
Click on the assessment to which you would like to enroll a user
The assessment builder screen will open to reveal a sidebar
Click “Users” under Builder
Here you can either enroll a single user or use the bulk enroll feature that lets you upload a CSV file with relevant details of learners for enrolment

When you click ‘Enroll user’
You will see a screen that says enroll a user to assessment.
Type in a user’s email ID or name to search for a user already enrolled onto the platform.
Select the user and adjust the maximum attempts setting as required.
Click continue to save settings.

Using 'Enroll User' feature

When you click ‘Bulk Enroll’
You will see a screen that shows you Instructions that you can follow.
Download the sample CSV file and refer to the image on how to populate the data in CSV.
Populate your CSV file with student data as required and save the file.
Click on ‘Upload CSV’ to upload the file.
Once this is done you will see the data reflected in a table on your screen.
Make edits to the format as required and click ‘Enroll users’ to add them to the assessments.
You can edit the number of attempts each student is allowed to take.

Using 'Bulk Enroll' feature

Pro tip: You can only add users to an assessment who have already created an account on the platform. If you want to enroll learners who do not already have an account on the platform, use the workflow below.

Watch the video below for a walkthorough of the process!

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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