How to Add Google Site Verification Meta Tag?

If you have your Custom Domain, you can proceed for Site Verification.

Google Site Verification

Verifying your site with Google Webmaster Tools allows you to get additional insight into how Google views your site.

Verify With Google Webmaster Tools

You can verify your site by adding your Google site verification meta tag into your EdisonOS settings.

Copy Your Google Site Verification Meta Tag

Sign into Google Webmaster Tools, enter your EdisonOS URL (or custom domain) and to the URL Prefix.

Now you will be presented with various Verification Methods, please choose HTML tag

Note: To Copy the value of the tag open a new notepad and Paste it in a notepad. Then copy only the underlined as shown in the animation below.

Note You only need to use the part of the tag underlined in the animation above (i.e. just the part between the "quotes" after 'content'). Do not copy the the entire code snippet.

For Google Site Verification, we support you to verify through HTML tag with a Unique Code. You will need to embed that unique code within your website. Google will check if that HTML tag with that unique code exists. If it exists, it will allow proceeding further.

Paste Your Meta Tag in EdisonOS Settings

Go to Settings
Click Branding and Scroll to Google site verification .
Paste the tag you copied in the Google site verification field.
Click Save.

Complete Verification Google Webmaster Tools

Finally, return to the Google Webmasters Tools page and click Verify.

Congrats!!! You have successfully verified your custom domain using Google Site Verification.

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Updated on: 20/06/2022

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