How Do I create Single Select Drop Down Problems?

Single select drop down problems are a useful tool for educators to assess student understanding in a structured and organized way.

One use case for single select drop down questions is to test a student's ability to recall specific information, such as vocabulary terms or mathematical formulas.

Steps for creating single select drop down questions

Go to the assessments for which you want to create sectional test questions.
Click add Questions to create a question under that section and select single select drop down problem.
Create a question by typing in the question prompt and type in the answer choices. Also select the correct answer.
Optionally, provide an explanation for the correct answer. This can help students understand why it is the correct answer.
Tag the question to the domain it belongs to, if necessary. This can help with tracking and organizing questions.
Finally, click on "create question" to create the single select drop down problem.

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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