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How Do I conduct a Live session(Single Session)?

EdisonOS lets you conduct a Live Class super easily It means you can now schedule the single session when you don't have a schedule for a certain number of days.

For instance, you want to schedule a session on Mathematics at 4pm on 14th April, you can set it so with the help of a Live Class single session schedulers.

Watch the video(English) that demonstrates how to quick schedule a Live Session:

Watch the video(Hindi) that demonstrates how to quick schedule a Live Session:

Creating a Single Live session

Click the Classroom tab & select the Classroom for which you want to create a single session.
Next go the Calendar tab from inside the classroom and click Create Single Session.
Give a suitable Session name& add a Description
Select the Start Date for the Single session. The date picker will help you set the date on which you want to conduct the Live Session.
Select the Start & End Time. Also Select the Schedule from the drop down list.
Set the Medium. If you keep Medium as Manual/Custom, you have to manually insert the meeting link when the meeting starts(For instance, if you wish to start the meeting via Google Meet) or if you select Zoom as the Medium it means you can go live through Zoom.
Please click on Upload Material button to provide the reference material for that particular session. You can upload GIFs, Videos, PNG files.
Click Save

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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