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How can I Use the Text Block?

When words meet pictures it creates a phenomenal balance to your learning material. When Your classroom have the striking balance of images with text-based content, your Classroom stands out.

TIP : Text based image content will give the user an experience to like that of reading a content in the Wikepedia. .Most educators also prefer to choose text and image-based content as pictures keep the reader interested in continuing their learning journey

Also text-based content is handy when the end user's internet connection is not having a good speed to access the videos.

This English Video will guide you step by step in using the text block in EdisonOS.

And if you want to watch the Hindi version of this tutorial, you can go ahead and leverage the tutorial.

Using the Text Block

Click the Classroom tab from the left sidebar
Now click the Classroom for which you want to upload the text based content.
Click on the Create your first learning block to proceed. Search for Text to find text block and click on the Text block.
Add a suitable Title. Hit the Save button to capture the title.
Add some good quality Images to the text to make the learning fun and interesting.( The Images can be uploaded either browsing from the system or by entering the image URL)
Click the SAVE button. This will take into account all the data that you have inserted as text and images.

Experiencing Learners Site

Click Admin User that you see on the top right and next click Visit User Site
Click My Library. Search and click the classroom for which you prefer to see the text block as a learner.
Tap the Start button to proceed and Text with images block to perceive the learning material.

A study shows us that, after 72 hours, you can expect people to remember 10% if you just speak. Add supporting images and you can see that number increase up to 65%.

PRO TIP: Use the text based instructional strategy with good high quality images which will give exposure to make your digital materials and make them standout.

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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