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How Can I Create Live Sessions in Bulk?

A Bulk Schedule is done when you can't plan individually and have a pre-decided plan to set up many sessions on a daily basis dedicated for your students. So it means, you have to schedule your Bulk Sessions for a certain number of days.

Repeating classes (events) are special items in your calendar that occur regularly (daily, weekly, monthly) at a certain time. Each recurring event repeats multiple times and has several occurrences. All occurrences are accessible through the same link. Giving access to a recurring event gives access to all instances in the series.

Watch the video(English) that demonstrates how to quick schedule Live Session in bulk:

Watch the video(Hindi) that demonstrates how to quick schedule Live Session in bulk:

Creating Sessions in Bulk

Click on Create Bulk Sessions.
Select the Schedule from the drop down list. If you have not yet created schedule, check this article.
Next create a suitable Session Name. Session name can be the topic name for you want to conduct session.
Set the Medium. If you keep Medium as Manual/Custom, you have to manually insert the meeting link when the meeting starts(When you want to conduct the meeting through Google Meet) . If you select Zoom as the Medium it means you want to go live through Zoom.
Create a short Description for the sessions.
Select the Event Start & End Date. Also set the Event Start & End Time.
Set the condition for Repeating Session through the Repeat option. The Repeat option helps you to schedule session on Daily, Weekly & Monthly.
Click Generate Sessions button to create the sessions in Bulk.

Today, about 2 in every 3 students claim that they learn better via Live Online Classes.

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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