Customize Your Certificate Design

Customize your font, text colors and upload a custom background image or logo to your certificates!

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When creating a certificate, you'll see a Build tab where you can select your desired font as well as different background colors that are used for your certificate text. If you have a custom background image and logo, they can also be added here!!

Font and Colors

You can select from several fonts in the font family dropdown menu within the Build tab of your certificate for the heading element. There will also be range of color options available that can be used for text throughout your certificate:

Don't forget that you need to click Save on the top right to apply the changes. If you are just exploring and prefer to keep the original colors, you can always click items tab and delete the element !

Background Image

If you would like to have a custom background you prefer to use, you can easily upload it!

How to Upload a Background Image?

Go to Certificates Page and locate the desired Certificate.
Select the Build Tab. Under Background image, upload an image.
Click Save on the top right to save the certificate.


You can also upload your own logo to your certificate!

How to Upload a Logo?

Go to Certificates Page and locate the desired Certificate.
You can click the ellipses (three dots) to the right of your desired certificate or create a new certificate
Under the Build tab click Image to upload a Logo (Recommended dimensions are 130 x 130px and supported file types are JPG, JPEG, and PNG)
Click Save on the top right.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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