Customize Your Certificate Content

You can fully customize the text that appears on your course certificates!

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Customizable Fields

When creating a Certificate, you'll see a Certificate content Builder tab which helps you to customize the text that appears on your certificate. Certificates can allow a ton of customization including:
Add different shapes and images.
Also background image and background colour


This appears at the top of your certificate indicating that the document is in fact a certificate! The student's name will appear immediately after this title. We recommend using something like:

This is to certify that
This certificate is awarded to
Certificate of Graduation

Text above and below course name

Adding text above your course name is recommended to help give context of the course name to follow. You can use something like:

For successfully completing the course
For attending the course entitled
Has completed all the requirements for

Important Considerations

We have the option to customize Text Font style, Font Family, Font Size & Font Weight.
However you can customize the constraints (padding, width, height, colour) for your preferred alignment and spacing.
When a certificate is issued, it will populate data based on your customization of the certificate. If any of this is changed after a certificate is issued, it will only apply to students receiving certificates going forward. For example, if the title of your course was "Course 1" when Student 1 was issued a certificate and you later changed the title to "Course 2", Student 1 will still see "Course 1" on their certificate.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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