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Create an Assignment for your Learners

Assignments are great for any type of homework that you would like a student to submit for approval and provide an opportunity for student feedback!

About This Feature

Submission Block allow your learners to submit homework that needs to be approved before they can complete your course. This works great if you have specific submission requirements for your course or want to assess assignments and provide individual student feedback.

This brief English video outlines the process. For details about 'How to Create an Assignment for your Learners?', watch the video below:

This brief Hindi video outlines the process. For details about 'How to Create an Assignment for your Learners?', watch the video below:

How to Create an Assignment

Click on the Classrooms tab from the left sidebar and click the Classroom for which you want to create an assignment for your learners:
click on the Add Block and search for Submission to click it.
Please give a suitable Title and click Save to proceed.
Add a suitable Description and click on Upload to add files to the activity.
Click +Add More Attachments to attach more than one file to the activity .Next Click Upload to upload more files

Next click on the Settings & then click Submission Settings
Check the box which says Learners Can Add Multiple Attachments to their Submissions and check the box for File
Click to turn on the Text Editor and next click on the RULES to add the parameters.
Set the Editing of Submission and select the editing submission option from the drop down as per your requirement.
Set the deadline by enabling the Set Deadline option.
Click here to Add Deadline . Deadline will mean the time till when the learners can submit their assignments.
Click the Save once your are done.

Note: Deleting an Assignment Block will delete all previous submissions.

Experiencing the Learner Side

Please click on the User profile from top right corner.
Click on My Library to go for the classroom.
Next go to the Classroom
Click the Start button and to view the table of contents. Click Assignment block to view the assignment as a learner.

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Updated on: 07/06/2022

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